Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Gold & Red Beet Salad with Orange, Chèvre, Mint, & Fresh OrangeVinaigrette

I love beets. LOVE them. You may not be as big a fan, and that's ok. But maybe give this recipe a try. I've seen it turn a few haters into believers. Maybe it's the goats cheese, maybe it's the vinaigrette, I'm not sure. But one thing is for certain and that is that all these ingredients belong together.
*If you can't find golden beets, try a natural foods market like Sprouts or Whole Foods.

4 golden beets
4 red beets
3 oranges, skinned and sectioned
1/4 C. Chèvre(goats cheese), crumbled
4-5 Fresh Mint Leaves, chopped
Kosher salt and pepper, to taste
Fresh Orange Vinaigrette, to taste

Wrap each beet in tin foil and place on a baking sheet. Roast at 400 degrees for 30-50 minutes depending on size of beets. Remove from oven when beets are tender. Let beets sit for 30 minutes or so(this will allow the skins to steam and 'slip off'). Peel the beets and slice into wedges.

Arrange the beets in rows on a platter, along with the segmented oranges.
Add salt an pepper to taste.
Sprinkle the goats cheese crumbles and mint evenly over the beets.
Drizzle the vinaigrette over the beets(add as much or little as you like) and serve immediately.
If you will not be serving the salad right away keep it in the fridge and pour the vinaigrette over the beets right before service.

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